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Disaster Relief Organizations

We've tried to pull together some of the major organizations providing relief by supporting, directly assisting, or donating to the disaster victims. We started this page with the Indonesia tsunami, but with recent disasters in Haiti, Japan... it is more cirtical than ever. Please donate to one or more of these charities.

Feed the Children

  • Feed The Children has established a base of operations providing medical relief for 12,000 people in the Souers Salesiennes/St. Bosco camp in Carrefour, Haiti.
  • The World Food Programme and Unicef are partnering with Feed the Children to provide food and milk for the entire camp. The World Health Organization is providing all of their medications and Oxfam Great Britain is providing a latrine.
  • There is still a critical need for baby food and formula at this time.
    But the job is far from over . . . it will take months. Right now we must make sure children and families are reached with the help they truly need.

    World Vision

    World Vision has opened two children's centers at the San Jose Recovery Center and the Good Samaritan Hospital in the Haiti-Dominican Republic border town of Jimani. The centers, called Child-Friendly Spaces, are designed to provide children with a safe and structured place to go during crises. World Vision staff members have expressed concern that children -- especially those separated from their families -- are at risk for neglect, abuse, or exploitation. Particularly notable is the movement of children without families toward the border with the Dominican Republic.


    Earthquake Relief
    Help the children who survived the earthquake. Thanks to generous private donor, the U.S. Fund is able to absorb all administrative costs so 100% of your donation will support UNICEF's work for children in Haiti.

    Earthquake Relief - ChildFund International

    For more than 70 years, ChildFund International has been helping children living in poverty. ChildFund International has reached out to more than 15.2 million deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and family members spanning 32 countries.

    Disaster Relief - Red Cross

    Help the American Red Cross Assist Disaster Victims. Donate Today