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Phoenix New Times & LA Weekly 09/06/2012:

Director Paul Thomas Anderson, ordained by Rose Ministries, Presides over sisters Wedding - Phoenix New Times

Director Paul Thomas Anderson, ordained by Rose Ministries, Presides over sisters Wedding - Phoenix New Times

John Lithgow, a registered pastor of Rose Ministries, Officiated the wedding of his goddaughter

John Lithgow
Licensed Pastor of Rose Ministries,
Officiated the Marriage of his Goddaughter
- Internet Movie Database, Biography John Lithgow

Jack Venturo, art director for numerous movies, including Scary Movie 2, Ordained as Rerverand through Rose Ministries at

Jack Venturo
Movie Producer, Reverend
Ordained by Rose Ministries
- Internet Movie Database,
  Biography Jack Venturo

Weddings by Christina ordained by Rose Ministries

Weddings by Christina
Christina Matthews, Reverend
Ordained in 2005

You May Now Kiss the Bride - by Rev. Jason Tinney of

I was engaged for six months when I was 19. It didn't end with the ringing of church bells, or a ring of fire. No, it was more like a plane crashing into the side of a mountain. I can't say for sure that my opinion of marriage was colored by that experience. Don't misunderstand me. I have nothing against weddings or marriage. It's just that, perhaps, like skydiving, it's not for everyone. Nonetheless…”
Reverend Jason Tinney is an ordained clergy member of Rose Ministries

edge WORD from ComputrEdge November 4, 2005: ... how do these couples find clergy for
	their off-the-wall ceremonies?

While many people still prefer the pomp and circumstance of a standard church wedding, even the most orthodox churches are beginning to allow couples to personalize their wedding vows. In contrast to these traditionalists, however, is the growing number of individuals who want their weddings to be completely unique.

You know, theme weddings, such as getting married by an Elvis impersonator or Vegas showgirl. Holding a marriage ceremony at a drive-through window or on a golf course. It's no surprise to hear about couples who say “I do” while scuba diving, parasailing, or bungee jumping. I've seen news clips of people getting married in shark tanks, amusement parks, roller rinks, and hospital rooms. With the help of webcams, people don't even have to be in the same country to tie the knot.

What I always wondered was, how do these couples find clergy for their “off-the-wall” ceremonies? Is there a Yellow Pages directory of ministers who are skilled skydivers, would like to dress as Captain Kirk, or are willing to ride backwards on a roller coaster at 100 mph?

Do you remember the Friends episode where Joey decides to become a minister because he wants to perform the marriage ceremony for Monica and Chandler? He logs onto the Internet and, in no time at all, he is “qualified” to marry his two best friends. The laughs really begin when he attempts to write “personal” dialog for the ceremony. But, there's the answer to my question. If you can't find a “weird” minister for your “weird” wedding, “make” one. There are a bunch of Web sites where you-or someone you know-can become an ordained minister, immediately. Out of curiosity, I Googled a few.…

…My favorite, Rose Ministries (, offers “starter packages.”…

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