I love the Lord Jesus Christ who died for my sins

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     We are living in the Revelation period of the Bible.  It is just a matter of time before Jesus Christ makes his return to gather the born again believer and his church. After that period there comes a time known as the seven year tribulation. Satan will rule on the earth and everyone who is not caught up in the rapture will be forced to take his make which is 666. You won’t be able to buy food or anything else. You won’t have access to your money or anything else.

     If you refuse the 666 mark of the beast then you will be executed. Where do I get my information? The book of Revelation. It is a terrifying book for a non believer to read because it is going to be their future unless they become a born again christian. It is easy to become a born again christian. You must accept that Jesus Christ was the son of God born of a virgin and that he committed no sin in his life.  Jesus Christ died for your sins and that you must confess by mouth that you are a sinner.  Accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life and join a church.